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'OfflineTherapy.in' is the behavioral study platform to analyze and understand how being online is taking a toll of our mental and physical health. Offline Therapy is the quest to strike a balance between online and offline versions of ourselves. Offline Therapy aspires to be a buddy or helping hand to help those who are stuck in the nuisances of the digital world. Offline Therapy wants us to explore who we are beyond this digital world. Offline Therapy wants you to dare to travel some astonishing tourist destinations without the need of a single photograph clicked.

Offline Therapy is online to remind you to go Offline! There is a better life awaiting you there.

Offline Therapy is a mass movement against the incumbents of the digital world. Offline Therapy wants you to ignite the innovation in you and understand that there is a plenty of scope for innovation outside the digital world. Offline Therapy wants you to have a sound mental and physical health. And you do not need the urge to flaunt your fitness on social media.

Offline Therapy wants you to recognize there are a lot of happenings in your surroundings than the news notifications on your mobile.

Offline Therapy wants you to disconnect the connected world; and so that you can connects better with your near and dear ones.

Offline Therapy wants to bust the myth that families and extended families are well connected over a the family group over the instant message platforms. Its not. Families still need that personal touch and quality time.

Offline Therapy is progressive. Offline Therapy wants society to unlearn the nuances of the digital era. Offline Therapy is that first step to explore what is beyond the digital silos we are all trapped into. We want to start thinking out of this giant box of data communication mediums, realize and figure out how we can make our lives better.

Ironically Offline Therapy aspires to have a widespread online presence. Our intent is to make our readers and audience realize that there is a better life awaiting you once you logout.

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